Bobo Choses Series
Aki, Niko & Ririko

Bobo Choses Series
Aki, Niko & Ririko

Aki Yoneda is a fashion designer, model and mother. We met her and her daughters Niko (15) and Ririko (13) personally back in 2014. Since then we have had a close bond. “I started modeling when I was sixteen in Japan. I studied design at university and got married when I was twenty one and we had four children. I started my own clothing brand, Omas Hände, in 2012, and settled in Barcelona with the family that same year.”

We visited them at their apartment, a mixed universe of Asian and European culture. We took some pictures and asked them some questions. Enjoy their cosmos!


What would you like to be when you grow up?

A: A grandmother with many grandchildren!
N: …
R: Supermodel

What’s the best thing about an ordinary day?

N: Sleeping!
R: Sleeping and eating!
A: That moment in bed just before sleeping, when all the chores of the day are finished.

What’s your favorite star?

A: Judy and Mary.
N: Nana Komatsu.
R: BTS, they’re very talented and they keep me going!

What have you learned from your children?

A: Originality, patience, and love.

What would your ideal planet be like?

R: One without plastics, sexism, and racism.
A: A planet where people had a lot of imagination. I think many of today’s conflicts are somehow related to the lack of imagination.

What do the Japanese have for breakfast?

A, N, R: Rice, fish and soup!

Tell us about your clothing brand, Omas Hände.

A: I like the warmth of things made by hand. I also like unique and singular garments. Omas Hände is both. When I started, I used to hand embroider every garment. In the last few years, I’ve only done hand embroidery for special pieces, but now I’m thinking about embroidering more things again. It’s like going back to the origins!

Do you involve your children at any point in the creative process?

A: I became interested in hand embroidery thanks to my daughter. When I was pregnant with my first daughter, I embroidered her name on a bag. I really liked it! That’s how I started Omas Hände. My very close with the children, they influence me constantly, unconsciously.

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