Bobo Choses Series
Carol & Andre

Carol Montpart is a multidisciplinary creative with a botanical passion. She co-founded Plant Magazine, her second child, which explores the connection between greenery and culture, politics, arts, and design. An early riser who loves spending time with her family, looking forward to seeing a change in the world, with hopes sitting in her son’s generation. Keep reading and learn all about her!

Hi Carol! Can you introduce yourself?

I am Carol, a creative director, and designer currently based in Barcelona. Mother of one!

What was your upbringing like? Are there any things you’re consciously trying to incorporate into your kid’s upbringing?

My parents were always super present, and we spent a lot of time together as a family. Holidays were always so fun, and I have great memories of our summers together. I want Andre to grow up in love – togetherness.


What does a typical day in your life look like?

I try to do a bit of meditation and some yoga every morning. We are early risers at home. Breakfasts are also a big thing for us – we sit and have a chat about what our day is like. After breakfast, we get ready, and we walk to the nursery which is only 5 min away. It’s a great moment to share with Andre. Off to my studio on bike or metro for the day. We again gather at home for an early dinner. Generally, dinner is followed by a film or some reading in bed – some alone time for me and my partner. I am trying to get back to swimming in the evenings, soon I hope!

What excites you more about raising your baby?

I feel responsible for whom he will become in the future. I am excited about how he will contribute to this world, not specifically with his career, but with his own self and attitude towards the world he lives in. I feel the future of our planet sits with their generation, and we need to ensure they have the tools and attitude to change things. We as parents have to do a lot of work now to make sure they have a chance. Besides this, I also love how much I am learning about myself with the intention to improve every day and be a better person for him. Endless love and gratitude.

Tell us about what you do professionally.

I studied graphic design but slowly moved to creative direction throughout the years. I am the Director of Carol Montpart Studio, a creative practice that works on branding, editorial design, and creative direction in the fields of art, fashion, hospitality, and communication. I am also Co-Creative Director of The Plant magazine, a project that I started over a decade ago with my two partners, and it feels like another baby to me.

Can you explain to us how this project started?

The first issue was released in 2011. Back then, there were not many independent titles that had a similar, maybe more specific, or niche approach. Publishing a magazine was always a dream of mine that came to life with my partner Isa Merino. Cris joined us soon after as an Editor, and we have been putting issues together ever since. When deciding the theme for the magazine, we felt that plants were not a theme properly approached in printed publications at the time, and it made a lot of sense to us to start with this as nature lovers.

Where do you find the inspiration for creating? Any fellow artists or designers that you want to share?

Inspiration to me comes from cinema, art exhibitions, books, travel, walking the street, and people-watching. I also look at other current designers’ work, but I love looking at old publications and artists from the past. I recently bought the latest book by artist and photographer Nigel Shafran (The Well, published by Loose Joints) and it’s such a beautiful piece – each photograph in the book is an inspiration.

Any special upcoming projects?

The release of the new issue of the magazine. Issue 18 coming! There are some other projects I cannot talk about just yet, but I am busy working on some other publications that will come out next year. I also just finished the branding of a hotel in Margate.

The “Forever Now” collection deals with Time. It is a tricky matter for adults, but not for children, who have their own way of relating to it. For them, time is flexible, manageable, friendly, and always in a constant present. What’s your favorite way of spending your Time?

Andre teaches me a lot about time and how to be more flexible with it. I like a schedule and a plan, so breaking that can sometimes be challenging. I love spending time with him and letting it all go – it’s when I am with him that I understand what being present really means.

This interview is part of The Bobo Choses Series, which focuses on the particular universe of different individuals and families who share and enjoy the cosmos of Bobo Choses.

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