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Milla Jupp

Milla Jupp jumped from the corporate world to running a small plant-based food-serving business in a different country by following an intuition, right before she became a single mother of twins. Finding balance, personal growth, and acting from passion is all that this interview is about. Keep reading and discover all about her!

Hi Milla! Can you introduce yourself?

I am a 28-year-old mother of twin boys, cook, and creator.

 What was your upbringing like? Are there any things you’re consciously trying to incorporate into your kids’ upbringing?

I had a very lucky childhood with my two sisters and grew up on the beach on the south coast of England. With long summers on the beach and active winters doing lots of sports with my dad. 

 I want to give them access to the sea, adventure, and water for sure. I didn’t realize how much it gave to me and still does now! I want to establish a secure connection with the boys and be a container where they are free to express exactly as who they are with no shame.

What does a typical day in your life look like as a single mom of twins and an entrepreneur? How do you find the balance between childcare, your business, and yourself?

People say it’s very intense, but I’m used to it, and everything is relative! However, I am working towards creating a different reality for me where there is more freedom.

 By 7:40 am, the nanny arrives home to look after the boys, and I go to the kitchen. I cook all morning and do some mundane business management too. Then, around 12 pm, I have a boxing class or workout at least 3 times a week, which is very important. I then have an hour to eat or wind down from work and go home to the babies at 2:30 pm. We then play, run errands, etc. Until dinner, bath, and bed around 7:30 pm.


What is the craziest part of raising baby twins?

Understand how much capacity for love, patience, and gratitude I actually have inside me.

Tell us what you do professionally. Can you explain how Milla’s Lunch started?

I quit corporate life in London nearly 5 years ago and moved to Barcelona following a feeling I needed to be here and do something to do with food, although I wasn’t sure what. I started making and delivering lunches for people in the area who complained there wasn’t any excellent fresh food around. Very quickly, it grew and grew and grew to a team of 8, hundreds of lunches a day and lots of opportunities for personal and physical growth.

Did you always love cooking? Where do you find the inspiration for your recipes?

I have always used cooking and eating as escapism. I have many, many recipe books that I scan to get inspo – as well as eating in random small unknown places.

Any special upcoming projects? 

I have developed some of the key and favourite sauces I use in the lunches into products, and I’m in the final stages of development. I’m so excited to start feeding people globally, not just in the city. 

 The “Forever Now” collection deals with Time. It is a tricky matter for adults, but not for children, who have their own way of relating to it. For them, time is flexible, manageable, friendly, and always in a constant present. What’s your favourite way of spending your Time?

On the beach, swimming in the sea, and now with the babies too. When you dip your head under the water, time stands still, and you’re grounded back into the present – it’s amazing.

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This interview is part of The Bobo Choses Series, which focuses on the particular universe of different individuals and families who share and enjoy the cosmos of Bobo Choses.

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