Bobo Choses Series
Isern Serra & Valeria Vasi

Valeria Vasi and Isern Serra are a creative and entrepreneur couple based in Barcelona that have just embarked on a new adventure and are ready to talk everything about it: parenting. From a day in their lives to their main inspiration sources, keep reading and get inspired!

Hi Valeria and Isern! Can you introduce yourselves?

V: I’m a designer and I have my own brand, Valeria Vasi, a project born from my fascination for the world of design, art and, above all, the manual process of crafts. I design small series of sculptural vases in natural materials, all produced by local artisans such as glass, ceramic or wood. Apart from my brand, I also work as a set designer for other projects and brands. But this June, the most important and beautiful project came to light: I became a mom of 2 baby girls, Gaia and Lea. It’s been a fascinating journey and I’m still trying to take it all in.

I: I’m an interior and product designer and I’ve had my own studio for 12 years now. We are a very versatile studio, as we make offices, restaurants, museums, exhibitions, stands, and homes. I also teach in different universities in Barcelona. I recently became a dad of 2 girls and now it is a very exciting moment in my life personally and professionally.

What was your upbringing like? Is there anything you’re consciously trying to incorporate into your kid’s upbringing?

V: I was born in Russia and I moved with my mom to Spain when I was 6, so I spent my childhood between Moscow and Barcelona. Being raised in such different places gave me a wide cultural baggage, and my parents wanted to make sure that the Russian heritage stayed very present. I would love to transfer that to my babies: although they were born in Spain, I want to immerse them as much as possible in their Russian roots. 

I: I grew up in a tiny town, and I think this contributed a lot to the person I am now: being in contact with nature and knowing all the neighbors… it was like having a big family. So I would love my babies to experience a calm life and be more in touch with nature themselves.

How does a typical day in your life look like?

V: Right now, it’s all about implementing a routine for the babies, which is something very new to us as we’ve never had a proper routine before. We are also trying to juggle between work and the babies!

I: It’s really intense; there’s almost no time left for ourselves. I have to go to the studio in the mornings to work with my team, and I try to be at home with the babies in the afternoon. Having twins is a blessing but it is also a lot of work 😉 but we manage!

What excites you more about raising your babies?

V: To see what kind of human beings they will become and how they will be discovering the world. One of the most important things for me is that they embrace their individuality and develop their unique personalities.

I: Raising them always to be themselves. We have two non-identical twins with very different personalities.

Where do you find the inspiration for creating? Any fellow artists or designers that you want to share with us?

V: Traveling has always been my main source of inspiration, especially discovering different cultures. One of the countries that I’ve been most fascinated with is Japan. I’ve had the chance to travel there several times and there is something about their approach to arts and crafts that is just so incredible. One of my primary sources of inspiration is definitely the Japanese floral art of Ikebana. There is something really special about their aesthetic. Their approach to plants and flowers is so delicate and fragile that I find it so captivating. I believe that the Japanese have a very unique approach to craftsmanship, and they put so much effort and love in each thing they do that the result is always astonishing, and the level of expertise is so high.

One of my favorite Japanese floral artists is Makoto Azuma, he takes floral compositions to the next level; his experimental creations are a mix of art, nature, and fashion. Another artist that I love and also had the chance to work with in an exhibition in Tokyo is Azu Kimura. 

I: I’m inspired by many things: travel, conversations, different materials, books, friends, good clients… I am very interested in Coderch’s way of thinking about architecture; his way of revaluing vernacular architecture, defending the local manufacturing process with materials locally sourced and traditional techniques… really inspires me.

Also, I’m very interested in light and the artists who work with it in space formats, such as Olafur Eliasson, James Turrell or Carlos Cruz Diaz. One of the spaces that we like the most is the installations on the Naoshima and Teshima islands of Japan.

Any upcoming projects in the near future?

V: Yes, a very exciting collaboration that will be released soon, something very different from what I’m used to doing. Also, by the end of this year I will be having a new exhibition in Japan, in collaboration with another artist. 

I: Yes, I have some new projects that I’m really happy about! An office space for a really good friend that also became a father, Andrés Reisinger, and a restaurant in Club Marítim of Barcelona. But the best project is trying to be a good Dad!

The Talking Bobo collection celebrates living on the border between reality and imagination, swapping between logic and nonsense as kids always do. Are you still like that as adults?

V: Yes! We have infinite possibilities in front of us. The more imagination we have, the better.

I: I always try to use it when a client comes to us to explore a solution that apparently has no sense. Sometimes it doesn’t work, but when it does you end up with a really good project! I also like working with renders where you can play with the reality vs. your imagination, there are no rules and I feel like a kid playing with a new toy!

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The Bobo Choses Series focuses on the particular universe of different individuals and families who share and enjoy the cosmos of Bobo Choses.

A story by @fantasticmrnilsson, AD & Styling @mafernavas, Photography: @anouk_nitsche, Production: @txell_hg, Styling assistant: @gomezgamanda, Models: Valeria Vasi (@valeria.vasi), Isern Serra (@isernserra), Gaia & Lea