Bobo Choses Series
Vita Thorpe

If you go around Barcelona on a weekday morning, you will probably find Vita Thorpe on a walk with her 6-month baby, Lu. The cook left the small Texas town where she grew up about 12 years ago, crossed the ocean and began her motherhood and traveling journey in the sunny Mediterranean, where full of inspiration she also started her own gastronomic project, Bistrot Levante. Keep reading and discover more about her!

 Hi Vita! Could you introduce yourself?

V: My name is Vita, I’m originally from Texas but I’ve lived in Los Angeles, New York, Buenos Aires, and now finally Barcelona for the last 12 years.

What was your upbringing like? Is there anything that you’re consciously trying to incorporate into your kid’s upbringing?

V: My upbringing was very simple and humble. I grew up in rural Texas and I grew up in the land of agriculture and farming and animals. A positive part of my childhood was growing up with a mother who cooked very well and made everything from scratch. This is definitely something that I incorporate into my daily life… the food that I grew up with and the recipes and all the fond memories of being able to create food from raw ingredients.


How does a typical day in your life look like?

V: A typical day for me is quite busy I wake up around 6:30 AM and my day starts with preparing meals for the kids. After that, I love to sit in a cafe and take time for a coffee. I have normal daily errands to run, with three kids you can imagine they are many! Now I’m at home with my just turned six-month-old baby Lu so I spend the day with her. It’s quite pleasant walking around enjoying Barcelona with the baby encountering other babies and just enjoying this beautiful city’s offer.

What excites you more about motherhood?

V: What excites me about motherhood for sure in the beginning is just the creation of life itself. Knowing that you’ve grown something and after they are born continue to grow them. Watching your children evolve into the very characters they will be for the rest of their lives is one of the most interesting jobs in the world.

Tell us about your relationship with cooking.

V: Cooking and gathering to me means home. I’m never not thinking about food, I love to cook, I love to search for ingredients, I love discovering new foods. It’s always been very important to me and now having a big family I guess feeds to that even more. I’m a constant host. I host a Thanksgiving party yearly for up to 50 people and I’ve done huge brunches, themed parties, and obviously holiday dinners. It’s literally my favorite thing.

Where did you find the inspiration to create your foodie project Bistrot Levante?

V: Apart from cooking I also love to travel and the original inspiration came from traveling through the Mediterranean with my partner Emiliano. Just experiencing all the beautiful ingredients that the Mediterranean has to offer and how the cuisine differs in between each Mediterranean place. We tried to encompass that with Levante.

Any upcoming projects shortly that you want to share?

V: Ha! No… busy busy at the moment as a family of 5!

The Talking Bobo collection celebrates living on the border between reality and imagination, swapping between logic and nonsense as kids always do. Are you still like that as an adult?

V: I would say that as an adult I definitely have a logical and practical side. But… I have a quite active imagination and fantasy world that I like to escape to. Whether that be through traveling or creating a meal, flowers, gardening… I should try to tap into it more often!

The Bobo Choses Series focuses on the particular universe of different individuals and families who share and enjoy the cosmos of Bobo Choses.

A story by @fantasticmrnilsson, AD & Styling @mafernavas, Photography: @anouk_nitsche, Production: @txell_hg, Styling assistant: @gomezgamanda, Models: Vita Thorpe (@vitathorpe)