Bobo Choses series
Fàtima & Marta of
Flowers by Bornay

Florists Fàtima Valldeperas and Marta Vidal Tarrasón are an essential part of the team at Flowers by Bornay, a creative floral atelier founded by Joan Xapellí that began its journey back in 2009 in Barcelona. They came up with a new iconic universe using modern techniques and materials such as colour spray to modify the raw material’s natural state. We visited them in their incredible workspace in the Sants neighbourhood in Barcelona.

As a child, what did you want to be when you grew up?

F: I remember wanting to be a gift wrapper, as I loved to wrap gifts uniquely and I was always the one to do it! And a vet, just because I loved animals, but I can’t stand needles nor blood.
M: I always wanted to be an independent woman with a family and living in Barcelona.

What is a working day like in Bornay?

F, M: A day at Bornay is quite busy. When the flowers arrive, we polish them, manipulate them, make compositions, and take photos. We receive urgent proposals by e-mail, check budgets, meet and discuss, and share our different opinions regarding details. We always come to an agreement!

Where does Bornay’s iconic universe come from? What are your references when looking for inspiration?

F: Our universe comes from everyone’s imagination and hobbies. Joan has always been a science-fiction freak, other planets, comics, etc. Marta loves painting, printing, literature, and I love dancing, painting, and photography.

M: Joan Xapellí’s inner world is infinite and surprising; it is related to comic books, movies. Our inspiration regarding style, composition, texture, and colour is purely urban, commonplace, innate. These are very distinct aspects of Bornay, which have made it a brand with its own style.

Tell us about some of the recent floral art projects that you have been most excited about.

M: Last year, we travelled with a team of 10 people to decorate restaurants around the world. It was a totally Amazonian challenge.

F: Another recent project that makes us very excited is the new e-shop. We are delighted and hope to keep making centres and bouquets to send to your homes!

What do you think of the book The Secret Life of Plants by Peter Tompkins and Christopher Bird? Do plants feel joy, pain, or fear?

F: Being a florist, you love flowers, but I don’t think you can be very mystical in that respect either, since we cut them, paint them, and manipulate them. We have a lot of respect for them, but the truth is that I only think about how beautiful they are next to each other and how happy they will make whoever receives them.

What future projects can we see from Flowers by Bornay?

M: We have just opened our exquisite and contemporary new online shop, full of creativity, elegance, and generosity! Have a look at it on

F: The new online shop is also a way to fight these challenging times we are all facing. I think that everyone had to reinvent themselves… the energy to create is there as always, and we are looking forward to reactivating exciting projects that were left behind. 

What would be your dreamed-of imagined profession?

M: Traveling around the world, buying fabrics to create clothing collections.

F: My ideal profession would combine being with the family, making collages, painting, creating things, contemporary dance, horseback riding, colours, nature, music, coffee, and laughing!

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