What happens when kids are challenged to do nothing? How long will they be able to sit still? What fun things will happen during that time?

When doing nothing, a minute can feel like an eternity or like no time at all. How long do you think your kid can last sitting still, doing nothing? Take the challenge with us and get the chance to win a €500 prize to spend on bobochoses.com!

How to participate

Turn off all distractions and vertically record your kids wearing Bobo Choses and doing nothing by themselves for as long as they can: 
No toys or devices, no playing, no talking. Just them, a chair and a camera.

@_bobochoses_ on Instagram and post the unedited and unfiltered video on your Instagram feed by tagging #BoboDoNothing @_bobochoses_ before November 24th at 23:59h CET. Remember, your profile must be public so we can see it!

Fill out this form.

The winner will be randomly selected and announced on November 25th via our official Instagram account. Fingers crossed!

Who will be king or queen of Nothing Doers? Make your bets! We will regularly update this site with some contestants.

See some examples:














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