Postcards. The ultimate state-of-the-art way to say “I think of you” every time we are far from the people we care about the most. Remember those summer postcards you sent to your school mates from the coolest beach in Spain or the postcards you designed with lots of colors and stickers and glitter for your loved ones? Why don’t we do it again?

Fun wishes from around the world

We sent Fun Wishes Postcards packs to the first 100 who participated from all over the world. During the next few weeks, we will be updating this site with the postcards they send back to us full of good vibes, wishes, and fun!
Have a look at some of them!

Virginia Acebal, Spain

@so_ollivier, France

Clotilde Jeansen, France

Lieselot Odou, Belgium

Julie Chojnowicz, Spain

Katerina Herm, Germany

Aina Domingo, Spain

@_porteart, Japan

The Fun Wish Tree

We will show all the postcards we receive in the Fun Wish Tree we will install in our store in Barcelona. If you come and visit us, you’ll be able to have a look at all of them and do some more right there!