At Bobo Choses, we are creating the most convincing political platform in history. A platform devised by kids, claiming from the most serious demands to the most absurd ones. Let your kids become slogan makers! 

We’re looking for the best, funnier, and most relatable signs in history created by kids. Until June, the creative team will pick some of the ones you share, and we’ll create limited edition handmade organic cotton Tote Bags with them. 

The Tote bags with the selected signs will be available for sale at the eshop for a limited time.

All the benefits will go to the Red Cross to help families at risk and struggling to guarantee their children’s meals. 

The selected signs will win a complete outfit from the SS21 collection too!



Pick a really good claim from your kids. Serious, absurd, whatever is the best.


Create a sign (banner) to claim for it. Find some examples on this site.


Take some good pics of it and share them on Instagram using hashtags
#KidsWithSigns #bobochosesforpresident and mentioning @_bobochoses_


We’ll publish the signs regularly on this site and on social media.


We will publish the winners online, and if you are one of the winning signs we’ll contact you directly.

Find some great inspirations!
















































In Italy we found Federica and her two little ones.
Giovanni wants to enjoy a loooong summer, and Frida doesn’t need cutlery to eat. And who does?

The big five family from Poland loves animals. They just wanna have fun!

They are Chihiro and his son, from Japan. Both of them love ice-cream, and He’s a huge fan of Pokemon.

We need your kid’s great minds! Have Fun!

Bobo Choses For President
The Most Convincing Platform in History of Politics