Bobo Choses Series
Paloma, Temlo & Uda

Bobo Choses Series
Paloma, Temlo & Uda

Paloma was born in San Sebastian but she lived in Pamplona, Seville, Wales, Granada, London before moving to Barcelona, where she has been for thirteen years. She is a researcher in a group looking for ways to cure heart diseases and she is the mother of Telmo (4) and Uda (1).  Paloma love concerts, dance and the sea.

We took a walk around Poblenou neighborhood with Paloma and her kids. Enjoy her cosmos!

What would you like to be when you grow up?

P: I would love to travel a lot.
T: Firefighter, police, astronaut and mountain rescue specialist.
U: Yes!

What’s the best thing about an ordinary day?

P: Every day I think of something special that I’m going to do and that makes me excited. It can be something like my ballet class, a meeting with friends while the kids play or a special dinner.
T: Play, building things and watching cartoons!

What’s the funniest thing you’ve ever done?

P: A road trip with Aitor. I always have a lot of fun when I travel.
T: Going to summer camps with my friends from school.

What’s your favourite star?

P: A shooting star we saw once in Viniegra with some friends. 
T: The ones that move, because they are special.

What would your ideal planet be like?

P: Like the one we already have but without plastics, without pollution and without ultra-processed food. We would live in green cities and people would move around on bicycles and electric trams.
T: Like Saturn, because it is very beautiful and because it has a shiny ring.

What food do you order on your birthday?

P: Depends on how I wake up, but probably something like Italian pasta and lots of summer fruits.
T: Chocolate cake!
U: (she seconds Telmo)

What have you learned from your children?

P: To have more patience and not to hurry. Every day is a day to enjoy.

You live in Poblenou, a neighbourhood next to the sea and full of creative studios. How do you and the children enjoy it? 

P: We love our neighbourhood, there are few cars, lots of bikes and it is close to the sea. We meet lots of creative friends on the street: some architects having a work meeting on a bar terrace; Nordic furniture experts chatting at their shop door; artists riding their bike with their kids; stylists carrying some clothes for some fashion shooting; video clip shoots, there’s always something happening!

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