Welcome to the Bobo Choses School of Dance! This super special online dance academy by Bobo Choses will be open from March 9th to March 13th.

Join us in five open sessions and learn new and funky dance moves every day.

Share your improvements on the dancefloor tagging @_bobochoses_ and mentioning #bobochosesadanceromance #bobochosesschoolofdance and be featured on our channels!

Episode 5:

“All Of My Friends Have Bikes” dance

Welcome to the last lesson of the Bobo School of Dance. Don’t worry, you won’t need a bike, just:
– Didn’t get that bike you asked for Christmas? Pretend you did.
– Dance.

Episode 4:

 “Why Does The Beach Sand Get So Hot?” dance

Put on your fancy swimwear and follow these steps:
– Go to the beach on a hot summer day.
– Take off your shoes and try to reach the water.
– Dance

Episode 3:

“There’s Gum Under My Table” dance

Follow these three simple steps:
Someone put chewed-up gum under your desk.
– Touch it.

Episode 2:

“That Itchy Wool Jumper”

– Put on that annoying jumper your mother wants you to wear so badly.
– Use your hands to scratch.
– Dance.

Episode 1:
“My Sleepy Arms” dance

In the first lesson, learn the “My Sleepy Arms” dance by following these simple steps:
– Make sure your arms are asleep.
– Dance!

Get the looks!

Let yourself go to the rhythm of the Bobo Choses School of Dance, dance and feel happy!