If an astronaut or fireman is not of your like, this Catalogue of Marvellous Trades may help inspire you. The Catalogue of Marvellous Trades is our new Autumn-Winter 2020 collection. It is a celebration of creativity, possibility, and freedom.

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Here’s Viggo’s (@quartiercollective, US) dream job: “Monkey Chaser”. Not an easy one! Can you imagine chasing them up a tree to trade them a banana?

Here’s Julian’s (@andytrema, Italy) dream job: “Animal Translator”. He’d love to let everyone know what any animal says and wants. Who wouldn’t like that?

Here’s Izzie’s (@quartiercollective, US) dream job: “Unicorn Sitter”. Don’t you want to become a unicorn after that?

Rion (@_porteart) from Japan explains what a Cloud Sculptor is about. If he was one, he’d take all the clouds in the sky to create wonderful stuff!

Julieta (@aviloti) from Spain explains what a Straight Line Bender is about. Tired of wearing straight lines in your clothes? Just put on your magic gloves and… ta-dah!

Harrison (@melissasonico) from the US explains what a Lost Things Recollector is about. Did you know that when you lose something it goes to a secret place?

Noah (@sammy_noah_manni) from the UK explains what a Moon Supervisor is about. Moon loves bedtime stories, and Noah is ready for it!

Francis (@quartiercollective) from the US explains what a Cloud Sculptor is about. According to him, it’s a really great job, as sometimes you wake up in the clouds!

Maali (@tajinebanane) from France explains what a Bird Tuner is about. Maali plans to train them to create Live bird shows. Tickets are not available yet.

Iza and Finn (@izzypugh) from the UK explain what a Lucky Star Distributor is about. A Lucky Star Distributor is a person who is a magic star and… Well, they’ll explain it better.

Valentina (@stefbrunetti_) from Australia explains what a Collector of Beautiful Words is about. Please, Thank You, I Love You. Oh wow…

And you, what do you want to be when you grow up?

Here’s Valentina’s (@stefbrunetti_, Australia) dream job: “Doctor”, which consists in checking what the temperature is, what the heart looks like and making sure everyone feels well!

Here’s Rion’s (@_porteart, Japan, UK) dream job: “Cartoonist”, which consists in making a cute book with lots of drawings of dogs that come out of it and play with him!

Here’s Iza and Finn’s (@izzypugh, UK) dream jobs: “Moon Florist” and “Magic Person”, which basically consist in planting flowers in the moon using special moon seeds and snoring all day in Hogwarts!

Here’s Harrison’s (@melissasonico, US) dream job: “Summer Party Maker”, which consists in throwing parties with tons of balloons, games, noise makers and popcorn! Who wouldn’t have this amazing job?

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